Priority II: Profession

Strategic Priority 2: ADVANCE the mission by preparing our alumni for positions of influence in their careers, neighborhoods, families, and churches, where they can model community, faith, and scholarship.

Transforming Culture in America will require leaders in the workplace and public life who inspire others to be committed to living the Gospel.

Benedictine College intends to advance its mission in every walk of life by providing internships, service and experiential learning opportunities, and career preparation based on its distinctive, mission-focused education, to place students in key positions when they graduate.


A. Internships and Experiential Learning Programs

Internships and experiential learning programs will be central to Benedictine College’s efforts to enable students to obtain positions of influence. Through cooperation with mission-fit organizations, a vibrant and intentional Student Life program, and leadership formation programs, the college will prepare students to integrate the core competencies of their disciplines with a commitment to community, faith, and scholarship.

The Transforming Culture in America process particularly emphasized the need to advance the mission in the media, the technology sector, Catholic education, civic engagement, coaching, and financial literacy. Additionally, the process recognized a significant need for developing virtuous business leaders who support the free market.

B. STEM Education

STEM education is a particular emphasis of Benedictine College. To advance the mission through science and health care, Benedictine College will form students comprehensively in bioethics, develop real-world skills, and foster external relationships to put our students in professional environments where they can be agents of change.

The Transforming Culture in America process recommended a vigorous program of internships and undergraduate research experiences to give students opportunities in the sciences.

C. Alumni Formation Program

To advance the mission through our alumni, Benedictine College plans to design ways to continue to support Benedictine Ravens’ integration of the mission and values of the college in their lives after graduation. Special attention will be focused on increasing opportunities for alumni to meet for various kinds of events and to return to campus.

The Transforming Culture in America process emphasized networking tools for alumni and programs that bring Benedictine Values into Ravens’ lives after graduation.