Priority III: Extension

Strategic Priority 3: EXTEND the mission by providing Benedictine College’s unique formation in community, faith, and scholarship to off-campus audiences.

Transforming Culture in America will require a renaissance of public-spiritedness, dedication to God, and commitment to the truth.

Benedictine College will extend its transformative mission regionally and nationwide by promoting the benefits of community, faith, and scholarship to local, regional, and national audiences.


A. Centers

To increase the impact of the college’s activities, the college will create Centers that combine targeted recruitment of interested students, interdisciplinary academic opportunities, experiential and service learning, focused co-curricular options, and significant public outreach.

The Transforming Culture in America process particularly emphasized the family, constitutional liberty, beauty and culture, free markets and virtue, and eco-stewardship.

B. Off-Campus Outreach

The college will develop opportunities using media both old and new to reach audiences beyond the campus who can be positively influenced to embrace community, faith, and scholarship including professors speaking at conferences.

The Transforming Culture in America process emphasized new media outreach, conferences, and other activities, regarding faith, coaching, civics education, and the impact of emerging media.

C. Transforming Culture Process

The college will continue to incorporate the insights of leaders from all walks of life into the college’s plans through an ongoing Transforming Culture in America input-gathering process, with results fed into the school’s strategic planning process.

The Transforming Culture in America process emphasized ongoing engagement, cultivating industrial relationships, and expanding the college’s academic conferences.