The Transforming Culture in America Strategic Plan

Benedictine College’s board of directors set a new challenge to the college in the year 2020: Transform Culture in America.

The college’s vision statement directs the school to “build one of the great Catholic colleges in America” in order to educate students “who will transform the world through their commitment to intellectual, personal, and spiritual greatness.”

Benedictine College’s mission of “The education of men and women within a community of faith and scholarship,” commits the college to the same transformative work of the first Benedictines who saved civilization from darkness and set the world ablaze. Benedictine’s mission can Transform Culture in America by modeling community in an age of incivility, spreading faith in an age of hopelessness, and committing to scholarship in a “post-truth” era.

For two years, the college convened faculty, staff, students, alumni, and leaders from virtually every walk of life who discussed how to accomplish this high calling. A series of in-depth meetings, with nearly 300 participants who generated hundreds of initiatives, led to the creation of this plan.

To Transform Culture in America, Benedictine plans to:

  • Form students in the mission of community, faith, and scholarship.
  • Advance the mission by preparing our alumni for positions of influence in their careers, neighborhoods, families, and churches, where they can model community, faith, and scholarship.
  • Extend the mission by providing Benedictine College’s unique formation in community, faith, and scholarship to off-campus audiences.
  • Build a campuswide commitment to greatness.

The Transforming Culture in America meetings provided the college with starting Action Plans for this multi-phase Strategic Plan.