Natural Engineering Leader Already Has a Job Waiting

Four years ago, he was swimming in a state swimming championship in Missouri. Now he is President of the American Society of Civil Engineers at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

Kansas City’s Blaise McCoy is a senior Civil Engineering major who says that the college’s mission of community, faith and scholarship made a big impact on his life, and prepared him to make an impact on the world.

“I accepted a job after school at a private civil engineering firm with some other Benedictine College grads,” he said, “but I definitely want the most out of this year – I don’t want to rush it.”

Featured on Faces of Benedictine, McCoy has been a community leader on campus, a Vice President of the Student Alumni Board, and a Swim Club member.

Faith has been a highlight of his time at the college. He said, “Last year, going on a mission trip to Belize was probably the most memorable thing I’ve done at Benedictine. I wasn’t really expecting much out of it, but I came back from it with a great new perspective.”

It truly showed how community, faith and scholarship work together, McCoy said. “The group that went formed a really tight bond. I think when you come to Benedictine, you’re really surprised by the people you will meet and how they will change you just be being surrounded by really good people.”

He pursues his faith as part of Communion & Liberation University at the college. The most important part of the mission is scholarship, though.

“I think as I’ve matured, I’ve kind of seen more purpose in my classes,” said McCoy. “Instead of just doing the work, actually learning what the purpose is of what I’m learning about, especially through theology and philosophy classes.”

The liberal arts nature of his studies has prepared him more than a typical engineer, he said “Studying engineering here is definitely different with the fact that you are able to study all these different liberal arts classes, like ethics, philosophy, and theology, meanwhile studying engineering. I think that really sets us apart.”