Growing Benedictine College’s endowment is a primary goal of the Transforming Culture in America plan, and the college is glad to report early success, with millions raised and a significant increase in the endowment.

Endowment gifts may be designated to any facet of the college — from Mary’s Grotto to the School of Business, from a Center to a mission trip, from Discovery Day to campus landscaping.

Non-academic programs endowed for the college include an Elizabeth Hall maintenance fund and the Holy Family Endowment, dedicated to improving the faith life on campus.

Endowed Scholarships

Benedictine College is building an endowment capable of replacing tuition dependency

Benedictine College’s goal is that no student who belongs at Benedictine College should be denied this unique education because of lack of resources.

The college has added dozens of new scholarships, changing the lives of students and creating future leaders in communities across the globe, leaders instilled with community, faith and scholarship.

Endowed Professorships and Programs

A great college demands a great faculty. Building on 160+ years of success, the academic profile of Benedictine College has seen unprecedented recognition since the year 2000.

Benedictine College is widely regarded as one of America’s best, as rated by organizations including: U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, First Things magazine, and the Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic Conference.

Endowed professorships are the gold standard for recruiting and retaining the best scholars, raising the academic reputation of the college and the sstandard of the entire faculty.

Endowed professorships and programs gain the freedom a college needs to collaborate with the best in the world to lead students to new frontiers of knowledge and discovery.

Hundreds of students will be mentored by an endowed professor, learning more from their contact with a great scholar than they ever could from a textbook.

Endowed professors receive important recognition from their endowed professorship, which helps boost the academic reputation of the college and its degrees.

Endowed Facilities

Endowments are crucial to great universities. Endowments are benefactor dollars invested by the university. The principal remains intact, and the annual income from the investment is used for the purpose the benefactor specifies. Endowment gifts are the gift that keeps on giving, an investment that honors the benefactor, college, professor and students for generations in the life of the college.