Center Director Co-Authors New Book on Church’s Solemnities

Dr. Denis McNamara, associate professor and Executive Director for the Center for Beauty and Culture, recently published a new book! Titled Solemnities: Celebrating a Tapestry of Divine Beauty, it is a beautiful heirloom providing inspiring background information on each of the 17 Solemnities in the Church calendar. It includes stunning, full-page pictures of Catholic sacred art and ways to bring the Solemnities to life in your heart and home. For this book, McNamara partnered with Christopher Carstens, co-host of The Liturgy Guys Podcast, and Alexis Kazimira Kutarna, liturgy and liturgical music expert.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Though Christ is as tall as a two-and-a-half-story building, his face is kind. Though he clearly has the power over life and death, he is calm and ordered. His power shows the strength of wrath, which is not moody anger, but God’s desire to set things right and restore the world by defeating the power of death. Christ’s Last Judgment, then, is good news for the world — at last the application of the restoration wrought by the Paschal Mystery is complete. Here Christ’s unquestionably peaceful perfection combines with his dynamic salvific activity.”

You can pre-order your copy from Ascension Press here.