Angelico Fellow Finds Allies in Transforming Culture through Beauty

When first visiting Benedictine College as a prospective student, senior Celeste Lirette had high hopes about becoming a Raven. Not only were her hopes met, but she found unexpected allies in transforming culture through Beauty during her time as an Angelico Fellow, the Fellowship program for the Center for Beauty and Culture. A Liturgical Music major from Louisiana as well as a talented choral conductor, she has received many opportunities for growth through the Center for Beauty and Culture, including funding for a study abroad program in Germany, which she said will shape the rest of her life.

“My involvement in the Angelico fellows has enhanced all three of the Benedictine pillars of community, faith, and scholarship in my life. I have met, networked, and worked with so many great students who are also fellows. As our fellowship caters specifically to artists and those in adjacent fields, it has been invaluable to meet those who are passionate and commit their lives to beauty as I do. I know who else will be working in the culture to evangelize through beauty, and I will lean on them for a common mission forever. My faith has been confirmed and strengthened by not only the witness of all the Angelico fellows, but the education I receive in our meetings also exposes me to ways I can personally grow in holiness, as well as be a leader to my friends, family, community, and world. ”

Celeste was pleasantly surprised to discover that all her hopes as a prospective Raven were fulfilled during her time at Benedictine. “The enthusiasm I had for this mission as a prospective student and as a freshman has not faded over time, but it has grown and been confirmed by the people, organizations, and fruits placed before me. I have seen and experienced beautiful liturgies, holy friendships, remarkable scholarship, growth in virtue, support for the needy, and celebration of all treasures the Church and our Christian culture have to offer. The surprise was that the hope I tasted in my first encounters with Benedictine were grounded in reality; a community rooted in Christ, a life worth living, surrounded by beauty…it is all real and truly possible.”